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Built amphitheatrically, perimetrically of the bay, Samos town, capital of the island, dazzles thanks to its picturesque temperament. The old town (Ano Vathy) keeps untouched the style of the previous years. The archaeological museum (550m) with important exhibits, such as Kouros, the tallest young male statue of Greece (5.25m tall), the old Samian parliament, now used as Town Hall and Art Gallery (550m), the Byzantine museum (300m) and the museum of wine (2200m) constitute reference points of our town. The museum of Aegean Natural History in the town of Mytilinii (11km), the temple of Hera (14km), the tunnel of Eupalinos (12km) an underground 1036-meters-long aqueduct, characterized as the 8th miracle of the ancient world and the museum of naval architecture (15km) are famous attractions for thousands of visitors. Christian heritage is impressively imprinted in monasteries as well as in imposing churches that dominate in all towns and villages.


Samos is an island of the Eastern Aegean Sea, with acreage of 477 sq. km, a population of 32.950 residents and a coastline of 160km. The distance between the island and Asia Minor is just 1300km. “Samos” actually means “elevated, high place”, while historically many names have been given to the island, such as “Hydrile”, thanks to the big amounts of water, “Melamfilos”, “Melanthemos”, “Anthemis”, thanks to its lush vegetation, “Doryssa” and “Dryousa”, thanks to its tall trees. According to the myth, goddess Hera was born here, on the bank of river Imvrassos. Samos is the birthplace of highly-regarded and eminent men. Philosopher Epicurus, astronomer Aristarchus (proponent of the heliocentric solar system) and of course the great mathematician Pythagoras were born here, while Herodotus and Aesop lived in Samos.


Muscatel is produced by small-berried Muscat grape, cultivated on steps at the slopes of Samian Mountains, that gives rich aroma and whole taste. According to the myth, Dionysus, god of wine, came to Samos while chasing the Amazons. In order to thank the residents of the island for helping him harness these wild women, he taught them the art of making wine and offered to them, at the same time, divine climate for their island. Antonius and Cleopatra visited Samos so as to taste its renowned wine. Nowadays, Samian wines are famous all over the world and have been honored with dozens of Golden Awards.

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